In this episode I am speaking to the inspiring Sita Devi Dasi- an Indian doctor, dentist, spiritual coach and activist whose pioneer work has made a big impact in the lives of women in rural India. Sita leads the Women’s empowerment and skill development workshop center at Govardhan Eco Village in Maharasthra, India and has empowered more than 2500 women from 50 villages to learn arts & crafts and earn their own money. Currently she is training women to upgrade their skills and make quality products of international standards in order to expand more globally and inspire other people to support and set up similar projects. 

Sita Devi Dasi talks about 

  • what brought her from city life to rural spiritual activism
  • Women in rural India. Their role and every day life
  • the development of her projects in rural India 
  • Govardhan Eco-village: how a vision turned into a powerful manifestation that is changing peoples lives
  • Bhakti & the power of faith 

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