In this episode I find myself talking to Himanshu, a local Varanasi tour guide who has been sharing myths and stories about the holy city and its cremation grounds for the past 10 years. Himanshu was born and raised in Varanasi and has vast knowledge about local culture, tradition and practices that are being done in the spiritual capital of India. It is said that Varanasi is a portal to the other world, a place where the veils lift and the unfathomable reveals itself. It is the place where people come to die. For many of us on pilgrimage it has become the place that reminded us how to live. In this episode we talk about 

  • the holy city Varanasi: why people come here to die
  • the four stages of life according to Vedic culture
  • accepting and preparing for death
  • how watching death makes you feel alive
  • the process of cremation

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—–Himanshu works as a Freelance tour guide and can be contacted and booked via phone:  +919792023950

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