In this episode I am talking to Victoria (@victruyoga) who is inspiring women around the world with her knowledge and wisdom on female self-care. You will learn

  • why it is so important to track your menstrual cycle
  • how to recognize in which stage of cycle you are
  • how self-care rituals can change your perception of yourself and the world
  • what the power of intuition is
  • about her own personal healing story how Victoria is enjoying sensuality and sexuality in a different way than ever before

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Victoria accompagnies women on their journey to re-establish balance in their bodies and find inner stability – in order to stay self-determined and equanimous in their daily lives and especially during challenging and uncertain times. With her gentle and tender approach she meets you where you are, welcomes the whole of you and encourages you to take the reins for your own wellbeing into your hands. She works with holistic methods from yoga as therapy, women’s selfcare informed yoga, breath work and traditional Hatha Yoga practices.