In this episode I am talking to soulpreneur, yoga teacher, author and female empowerment coach Nives Gobo.
Nives shares 
  • what helped her em-Body knowledge
  • her daily rituals
  • how drumming is one of her most important daily practices to connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth
  • why it is important to live with the cycles of the Earth & Moon and your menstruation
  • how her intuition shapes her life

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Nives’ work with Yoga & the Moon is touching women all around the world. She offers programs for women including Moon Rituals, Ayurveda Beauty Talks, Celtic Rituals and is the author of the book “Mondschön”. Her offerings come from the very heart of her being with the intention to share ancient wisdom that empowers women to click back into their true nature. She is also the co-founder of Shakti Academy, an international teacher training school for women that focuses on Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantric Wisdom, Rituals, Shamanism, Daoism and Sacred Female Arts. 

— “Let us bring back all that defines our innate female sacred power. We are the keepers of grace, beauty, wisdom. We are the holy grail through which the divine can manifest and play. Let’s move shakti like a snake and dance in beauty and love. Let’s rise. Sister. Together.”

Find out more about Nives via or  or her book “Mondschön” (available in German language in all book stores and via amazon).