This episode is featuring Christian Coelho, Forrest Yoga teacher, body worker, student of shamanism and passionate Salsa dancer. Christian opened the first Forrest Yoga studio in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and is spreading his art of teaching and healing globally. 
Christian talks about 
  • The power of ceremony: what is it all about? 
  • Yoga ceremony as medicine: How Yoga and Shamanism complement each other
  • his approach to modern yoga 
  • Forrest Yoga: what this Yoga style is all about and how he found his way to the pratice
  • receptivity & healing: Leave space for magic
  • the power of voice + he shares his favorite medicine song on the drum 

About Christian: 
 Born/raised in Brazil and initially trained in Ashtanga & Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Christian found inspiration in the slower and intuitive style of Forrest Yoga.  Christian loves to create an environment where students can explore many aspects of yoga – physical, metal, emotional and spiritual – so they can listen to the voices of intuition and develop a growing relationship with themselves. Further, Christian uses the power of Native-American ceremony to inspire his life and to teach from a place of fullness, so his students are always welcomed and guided to his best quality of attention. After being based in London for 4 years, Christian moved back to his home-city of Rio de Janeiro to open his yoga studio in 2018, called Casa 111.