This episode is featuring Dyson from @project_ocean_hawaii. Dyson is a 17-year old high schooler who has set up various projects tackling #plasticpollution on his home island Hawaii. Dyson’s aim is to ban all single use plastic straws on the island and hence spreading more awareness about how much plastic we use in our everyday life. His project has taken him from speaking to classrooms full  of elementary school kids to big environmental congresses. 
In this episode we talk about
  • the amount of pollution plastic straws cause in the ocean
  • ‘thestrawchallenge : how everyone can make a difference
  • Dyson’s impact in schools and all over Hawaii
  • why it is so important to speak about environmental issues 
  • what drives Dyson’s passion to make a difference

Follow and support Dyson’s project on instagram: @project_ocean_hawaii


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