In this episode I am talking to world renowned Yoga teacher Talia Sutra from Israel. Her backbends have become her signature message for the world.

Talia talks about

  • the effect backbending has on the body & mind
  • how you have to teach the world what you know best
  • how to hold space for others
  • the physical and emotional connection of backbending
  • how the neck is the connection between animal and human expression
  • how healing has to do with what we we believe in


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Talia Sutra has been practicing movement, dance, yoga, meditation and veganism since childhood. She sees nothing as external to her studies and has learned impeccable skill and technique from masters in the world of ballet and art alike. Talia has studied and practiced many forms of yoga including Bikram, Dharma, ashtanga and various forms of vinyasa. She has combined years of experience into her own unique blend of seamless, creative vinyasas and intense, focused hatha stillness. Her classes  inspire joy, alignment, breath and focus. She offers a deep understanding of traditional asanas and specializes in both the theory and practice of backbending postures, for which she has created a method.Talia believes that yoga practice is a window to self realization. Equally, she finds sensitivity, intuition and insight are to be found through connection with the seemingly ordinary world around us and that no teacher is greater than the one within.