I have been a seeker all my life.

Already at the age of 18 I found myself sitting in an Indian Ashram praying, studying, meditating in hope to find answers on how to live a happy and purposeful life. Torn between the Yin and the Yang, the sun and the moon, the active and passive I have tried out different paths that all have brought me a little closer to the solution of my puzzle: Get to know thyself.

I have found my home in the scriptures and practices of Bhakti and classical Tantra, with a strong focus on sacred feminine traditions. My practice and teachings include Asana (Tantric Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin), Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama & Breathwork, Meditation, Non-dual Tantric Philosophy, Earth, Moon and Womb Cycle Wisdom, Ayurveda, Divination and Energy Healing.

What I share with you comes from the heart. Tools that have opened my eyes, aligned me vertically and guided me intensely to the depths of my own being. I believe that we all can be liberated if we live our true nature.

Peace lies within not without.

The practice of Yoga has the power to guide your body and mind into the depths of your Self. Breath is key to open all doors of innate wisdom. Question reality. Embrace individuality. And believe in unity. For Yoga is a path of self-enquiry that guides the way to freedom. The tools are here for you to be explored. Let yourself be YOU. The darkness and the light. Learn to embrace the whole to become whole.

I believe that we all can live a purposeful life and liberate ourselves from the obstacles of our mind. Tap into your own knowledge and remember who you really are.




My Offerings:

Holistic Yoga: tailored to Groups, Corporate, Events, personal Sadhana, Retreats

Meditation: CosmicIntelligence (Ci) Plus Practice + Initiation

Divination & Healing: Tarot, CiPlus, Yantra

Sacred Feminine Activation: Women Circles  & Immersions

Moon Sadhanas & Cycle Wisdom

 Shakti Yoga Teacher Training

Cacao: Ritual & Ceremony

Ayurvedic & Raw Food Lifestyle Consulting for Healing



Alexia (Daksha Damini) ist leidenschaftliche Yogini, Unternehmerin und spirituelle Aktivistin. Ihr Yogaweg hat im indischen Ashram begonnen, wo sie schon mit jungen Jahren in den Yogaweg initiiert wurde. Alexias unglaublich vielfältiges und reiches Wissen in den Bereichen Yoga, Bhakti, Tantra, Energie- und Heilarbeit, Frauenheilkunde & Rituale und Ernährung machen sie zu einer einzigartig inspirierenden Lehrerin.  Ihre Arbeit ist geprägt von viel Power, Herz und Hingabe, was jede Begegnung zu einem Erlebnis macht. Neben ihren Yogastunden in ihrem Studio ALKEMY in Wien und online bietet Alexia jährlich zahlreiche Retreats, Pilgerreisen und Workshops in Österreich und international an und setzt sich für soziale Frauenprojekte in Indien und Afrika ein. Alexia ist Co-Gründerin der Shakti Academy  mit der großen Vision durch verkörperte Spiritualität die weibliche Kraft auf der Erde zu aktivieren.


Alexia Daksha Damini is a passionate Yoga teacher based in Vienna, Austria. She is successfully leading Shakti Academy and ALKEMY Studio and is involved in several Yogic & humanitarian projects in India, Africa and the Middle East.  Alexia’s  vast knowledge and dedication to Yoga, classical Tantra, Bhakti and Healing Arts has guided hundreds of students on transformational journeys to the self. Alexia creates empowering and nurturing healing circles for women in the form of Yoga teacher trainings, Retreats & Festivals, Moon Medicine Gatherings and loves taking seekers on Sacred Pilgrimages to India. Sharing wisdom from the source has become a core pursuit in her life.  Rooted in tradition and taught from the heart.


  • Continuous mentorship & private study of Yogic Philosophy, Psychology, Divination & Healing Modalities, Guru Shishya/ Shaktipat Initiation, Maa Gyaan Suveera, Rishikesh/India
  • Classical Tantric Studies (Mahavidyas, Tantra Illuminated, Recognition Sutras), Tantrik Institute
  • Tantra Yoga – Vinyasa Krama, Philosophy & Energetics, Para Yoga, Rod Stryker
  • 30h Katonah Yoga Training, Abby Galvin, New York 
  • Advanced Forrest Yoga Teacher Training, Ana Forrest, Berlin
  • 100h YTT The Path of Yin Yoga, Biff Mithoefer, Greece + Italy
  • 300h Advanced Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training, Supersoul/ Raghunath,  India
  • 30h AcroYoga Lunar Immersion, Vienna
  • RYT 200+ Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Radiantly Alive, Bali
  • RYT 200 Vinyasa Flow/Power/Ashtanga Teacher Training, Yoga London, UK
  • 200h Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Yogpeeth, P. Niketan Ashram, Rihikesh, India


  • Raw Food Chef Training, The Seeds of Life, Bali
  • Raw Chocolate Level 1 & 2,  Amy Levin, London, UK
  • Raw Living Food Lifestyle Coach, Ann Wigmore Institute, Puerto Rico 


  • Wim Hof Method Master Training, Inner Fire, Netherlands
  • Priestesses of the Moon Initiation Training into Womanly Arts and Moon Mysteries
  • Burnout- Prevention / Stress Management Coach, Body & Health Academy, Vienna 
  • Bsc International Marketing, Rome, Nice, London, Delhi