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Indien – Eine Pilgerreise zu mir selbst (Deutsch)

Indien. Wieder mal hast Du mich überrascht, gefordert, geliebt und verändert.  Auch wenn es schon meine 7. Reise in das magische Land war, sitze ich dennoch mit einem surrealen Gefühl auf meinem Sofa in Wien. Ist das alles wirklich passiert? Existiert eine Welt in dieser Welt, in der meine Vorstellungen, Einstellungen, Glaubenssätze, Gewohnheiten der westlichen Welt einfach nicht zählen? […]

Black Forest Cupcakes (raw vegan, gf)

IT'S CHERRY TIME!!!! I just scrolled randomly through old pictures of raw vegan desserts that I created in the last years and I stopped at this one. For a while. I realized that over the years my focus changes, my intention changes, my knowledge grows and so does my recipe book.  But how can I have [...]

Belgium Chocolate Truffles, raw vegan

As much as I am excited about my Raw Chocolate creation, I am having a really hard time writing down and sharing recipes. Not because I don't like to share my passion, but because I somehow tend to prioritize a million other things before blog posts. What would help me in the future is you commenting [...]

A Yogi’s Guide to Ubud

I remember as a young traveler I told myself "I am never going to travel to the same place twice. This way I am going to experience more different places and explore the whole world." Fast forward a decade. Having traveled to every continent in the past 10 years, seen lots of stunning monuments, mountains, beaches [...]

The Healing Sounds of Gong

I am a big fan of instruments and nature sounds. Most recently I have been exploring some not so known instruments like the Sansula and listened to audio records of Gongs and water to help my body and mind relax. I believe Sound to be one of the most healing tools that support your body on [...]