Black Forest Cupcakes (raw vegan, gf)


IT'S CHERRY TIME!!!! I just scrolled randomly through old pictures of raw vegan desserts that I created in the last years and I stopped at this one. For a while. I realized that over the years my focus changes, my intention changes, my knowledge grows and so does my recipe book.  But how can I have [...]

Black Forest Cupcakes (raw vegan, gf)2020-04-04T10:06:27+02:00

Belgium Chocolate Truffles, raw vegan


As much as I am excited about my Raw Chocolate creation, I am having a really hard time writing down and sharing recipes. Not because I don't like to share my passion, but because I somehow tend to prioritize a million other things before blog posts. What would help me in the future is you commenting [...]

Belgium Chocolate Truffles, raw vegan2020-04-04T10:06:27+02:00

The Healing Sounds of Gong


I am a big fan of instruments and nature sounds. Most recently I have been exploring some not so known instruments like the Sansula and listened to audio records of Gongs and water to help my body and mind relax. I believe Sound to be one of the most healing tools that support your body on [...]

The Healing Sounds of Gong2020-04-04T10:06:27+02:00