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It’s NEW MOON, Lovers!

Darkness. Medicine. Cacao. Manifestation. Dream World. Ritual. 

with yogalexia & friends.

Raw Cacao is not only a superfood but medicine for the heart. Myths say that whenever the balance between humans and nature is threathened, cacao travels across the world to restore harmony. It’s time again to meet in circles. To connect to our heart beat and listen to the words that come from within. Join us for a healing evening including cacao ceremony, drum beats, heart beats, chanting and meditation



To tune in we will be doing an “active consciousness” meditation that involves a powerful & deep breathing technique. We will move through the chakra system and rebalance the energetic body before connecting to the cacao medicine. It’s a potent preparation that allows you to go into a deeper ceremony space with enhanced clarity and vision.


Cacao is medicine for the New Age. In her raw form she is a true superfood.  Cacao beans are packed with antioxidants and magnesium that nourish the body and soul. The medicine has been used to facilitate shamanic circles and rituals for hundreds of years, supporting people in their transition to a more embodied, truthful and delicious life.

What is waiting for you:

  • Delicious raw cacao (ceremonial grade)
  • Ananda Mandala Meditation: A guided breathing meditation through the chakras which will help you connect to your energy within and activate energy centres
  • Chanting & Drumming
  • Sharing Circle: Share your experience

what to bring:

  • your favorite tea/ coffee cup
  • a big smile

Cost: €25

Location: Fokus, Neubaugasse 44, 1070 Wien

Time: 20 June, 2019/ 19-21:30 (FEIERTAG!)