Urban Yoga Retreat- From Yin to Yang and back again with Adam Husler, yogalexia & friends

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Urban Yoga Retreat – From Yin to Yang and back again

with Adam Husler, yogalexia and friends


Vienna Yogis & Friends,

Welcome the FIRST Urban Yoga Retreat in the heart of Vienna. This is your chance to dedicate ONE FULL DAY to yourself. You don’t always have to travel to far places to switch off your mind. How about you switch off your phone and join us for a day of Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing and delicious vegan food in the city?

This is a day of inner and outer balance. We will explore the Yin and the Yang. The active and the passive. Doing and not doing. We will practice, journal, laugh, share, eat and be together in a circle of friends. We will share our #yogaoffthemat secrets with you and hold space for you to fully relax and unwind to come back to yourself.

We are honored to have Adam Husler from London join us to teach one of his signature Vinyasa classes as well as Alexia/yogalexia who will be diving into a deep Yin experience with you and Manu from Pepper & Ginny who is spoiling us with Vienna’s best vegan brunch.


Urban Retreat Schedule:

8:30-10:30  XXL Yoga Masterclass with Adam Husler
10:30 Vegan Brunch by Pepper & Ginny
12:30-14:30 ** ‘Yoga Cross Training Workshop’ or ‘The Technical Path to Arm Balances and Inversions’
14:45-15:30  Sound Healing with Holly (soulstretch.co.uk)
15:30 Break for cake + lottery
16:30-18:00 Deep Exhale Masterclass + live music with yogalexia
Where? Perform Studio, Mariahilferstrasse 51/ 2. Innenhof, 1060 Wien
When? April 14, 2019


Single Workshop Tickets for Adam Husler’s Workshops available! 

Space is limited. Be quick!


** ‘XXLClass – A Complete Practice’ with ADAM HUSLER (UK)
One of Adam’s classes has had a strong espresso and is now manifesting as a XXL class featuring branches of sequencing that lead to various peak poses. There’ll be hip opening, spine mobilising, arm balancing, inverting, deep folding, sitting still and plenty more, all in the context of a controlled, vinyasa base practice inc. Adam’s accessible style of anatomical instruction.As usual, Adam will offer variations and options for all levels of practice, but the sequence will mean that you’ll certainly be invited to work hard through the course fo the workshop. Working hard will result in a reward in the form of some restorative poses, a yoga nidra inspired relaxation and a guided meditation. There’ll be plenty of chance for self-enquiry in this long practice; physically, mentally and, perhaps, spiritually.
Single Workshop Ticket available here.
** ‘Yoga Cross Training Workshop’ or ‘The Technical Path to Arm Balances and Inversions’ with ADAM HUSLER (UK)
Those ‘cool’ looking inversions and arm balances that you spot people popping out in the studio and social media they don’t just magically happen one day. Flailing and throwing yourself around won’t necessarily get the result you want; unless what you want 1 second video of you upside down. Each arm balance, inversion, and transition can be gradually worked towards via; repeated drills, a consciousness in developing strength and flexibility in regular practice, and the growth of a technical understanding of the asana. Through this strong vinyasa based workshop we’ll be; learning which muscles need to wake up and engage to move towards certain asanas, working on drills to help make them stronger and exploring how executing ‘easy’ asanas with integrity, can significantly improve you ability to explore more challenging poses. We’ll be exploring various arm balance families, forearm balance and handstand. This workshop it suitable for anyone with a regular practice, though it will be a strong practice! Single Workshop Ticket available here.
A Yin Yoga experience to fully breathe out. This class is your chance to recharge and dive deep into the subconscious. We will explore Yin Yoga poses, Marma trigger points, Pranayama, Meditation and live music vibes in a healing atmosphere that will support your physical, mental and emotional body. A battery recharge at its finest.