Yoga to me is liberation. It allows me to break free and step outside the cages of my mind. I see the body as a vessel and the breath as a tool to connect with mind & spirit. I make an effort to create mindful, smart, strong and spiritual classes that give the seeker tools to connect with his own truth. Take what you need and leave what you don’t need.

My classes are characterized by the principle of Yin & Yang and the Elements. Inspired by different styles such as Anusara, Classical Tantra, Forrest Yoga, Hatha, Bhakti & Yin Yoga I try to create a different recipe for every class I teach. I believe that a Yoga class should be balanced as much as our everyday life, hence vigorous dynamic sequences for challenge and strength are just as much part of my classes as intentional long holds for its therapeutic benefits.  Meditation, Philosophy, Music & Sound as well as self-study are tools that make my Yoga classes a powerful instrument that will set your soul on fire. While I put a lot of attention on alignment when I teach beginners, I also love to break free and create intelligent and powerful sequences that are guided by the breath and force you to get out of the comfort zone.  I don’t believe in 2 way streets, but in expansive opportunities across dimensions. And that’s exactly how I like to move my body. And yours.


“when i started with yoga i tried it with some different teachers, but when i was in alexia’s lesson, i didn’t want to go to another teacher anymore! her lessons are always fun, there’s always something new and it never gets boring. it is demanding as well as relaxing and with her positive and good-humored nature and her wonderful character she’s not only a very competent teacher but also a wonderful person. i never feel bad in her lessons, even if there is a position i’m not good at, just because of her motivating manner. her lessons are good for your body and your soul!”

Linda, Wien