Your Yoga practice should be one that balances you on all levels of your being. Personal, intimate and harmonizing. It is a choice to spend time daily with yourself. A commitment to understand, live, and embody all aspects of your being. It does not end at the corners of your mat but empowers you to live Yoga integrated and attuned with every day life. Empowerment starts by taking responsibility for your own body/mind/soul temple, hence your practice is only one that YOU practice. It is for you. And you only.

This is where the journey begins. 

What I offer:

  • Posture Clinic: Correct alignment and guidance in Yoga Asanas

  • Specific Sequences that are tailored to YOUR body and daily life rhythm

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Pranayama- Connect breathe, mind and nervous system

  • Yoga Nidra: “Yogic Sleep” practice to soothe the nervous system and help the body & mind restore and rebalance

  • Meditation techniques

  • Personal Sadhana: How to cultivate a sustainable daily practice

  • Mantra & Sound: Get your personal mantra for recitation & meditation practice

  • Divination & Healing: Practices to facilitate overall physical and subtle cleanse & healing of the body/mind system

Private or semi/private classes can take place in your home, online, Yoga studio or in nature.

Available programs and prices upon request.