Event Calendar Vienna

22. March 2020 @ 8:00 - 31. December 2030 @ 17:00

Event Calendar International + ONLINE

1. September 2020 @ 8:00 - 1. September 2030 @ 17:00

Ignite Your Fire – A Kundalini Tantra Exploration

September 2 @ 19:30 - October 28 @ 21:15

Where can I start. Alexia has been such a transformative power in my development as a human being and yogini. Alexia’s yoga classes give me a feeling of „coming home“. Coming home to myself. In her class I can create an inner dance with my body, mind and spirit. I have followed a lot of yoga classes in my life, but stepping into Alexia’s yoga class the first time, i knew this was all what I was looking for in a yoga teacher.
Alexia has the great capability to see through the outer layer of her students and immediately touch their inner core. With her profound knowledge and wisdom, she is capable to lead her yoga students on a physical and spiritual level to their inner source of strength. With Alexia I learned to raise my yoga practice to a whole new level. A pathway of depth, devotion, with an open heart and inner smile. Since she is breathing yoga her self, she can guide you through advanced asanas with exactly that little adjustment or que that you needed. Her vigorous yoga classes are so well balanced; combining pranayama, meditation with well thought through asanas, that energetically are always right and lead you to the best savasana ever. She knows when to push, she knows when to let go, she knows how to hold space and she is just a wonderful human being, that makes the path of yoga, understandable and in reach for everyone.

Maartje Pasman, Austria, International Dancer and Yoga Teacher

Alexia is a truly inspiring and really great yoga teacher who holds a lot of wisdom from many different traditions. Not only does she teach very well rounded classes and workshops, you can also feel that she shares her knowledge from the bottom of her heart. Alexia has many years of experience in the yoga world, she is ever evolving and very creative. What I also love about Alexia’s teaching style is her sense of humour. You can be sure that her classes will make you smile. 🙂

Barbara Binder, Austria